Drew Drake


The eclectic Alabama native and Aguille Collective member drops his latest EP which has a mix of everything, literally a new soundscape for every joint. A Smorgasburg of instrumentals ranging from the Afrobeat inspired Senegal, hard southern country energetic trap on Let’s Ride, to the smooth sample based From Summer With Love. While many have fallen short while attempting to mesh different flavors on a project, Drew passes with flying colors due to his phenomenal execution.

Skits highlighted by a supportive friend who also echoes my statements as she describes him as a crazy talented human being and harmonizes along to the sultry chorus of “Iwana” has you eager to hear some more.

My favorites after a few listens are Let's Ride due to its energy and Iwana due to the concept.

Additionally, the hook and second verse on 4ever are clear standouts.

The Aguille collective head honcho lends his witty lyrical prowess on the Jodeci sampled track “this that double 3-6, shit’ll get ugly quick, this is Dwayne in 06’ Wade or Carter, you pick”. I mean they just don’t make well rounded lyricists like that anymore.

The self proclaimed “country nigga” Drew Drake is in a class of his own displays his seamless transition between styles. Encompassed by his closing lines

“That’s a rap or you want me to keep singing on it?”

Too many triple entendres and multi-hyphenates in one collective.

Aguille Collective, the best collective alive!