The Queens MC returns from his hiatus with the poignant cut "Diamonds"

The music video set in an x ray vision black and white accompanied with many relatable lyrics the video provides themes that are relatable as well.

For example the party scene when he is surrounded by plenty of other ppl yet not feeling a part of the vibe. We’ve all been there before, In your own head, feeling dejected, overthinking a previous situation, probably thinking you just should have stayed home.

A direct quote from the emcee himself Bas says that "Diamonds" comes from a realization that "as artists in the public light, our pains and traumas are consistently up for the public’s consumption.”

This theme is certainly represented when his diamond necklace transmogrifies into a noose around his neck as he appears hanging in front of a large audience at a stage in a party.

"Shawty tried to give me mine but I needed more space"